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Exocet is a devoted sailboard manufacturer, initiated in the early 90’s by Patrice Belbeoch a former PWA World Champion.
For several years, the boards were custom shaped and only dedicated World Cup racers and specific customers,
and with the cooperation of several legendary shapers, the team’s recognition quickly became known world wide.
Jean-Marie Guiriec, a composite technician with vast experiences from his development work with
the French America’s Cup syndicate Defi France joined the company in 1993 as a shaper. 
Due to the success and excellent market reception of several celebrated models throughout the 90’s,
Patrice and Jean Marie decided to create and promote their own line of production boards in 2000.
Several inventive and successful shapes have been launched every year,
and the R&D and marketing facilities in Thailand was established in 2004.
Simultaneously the company moved into a complete new storage and office
building in Brest, France, where are developed all the products. 
In 2009, Patrice decided to launch his own brand of sails, XO Sails. Strong of experience of director since 1986,
it develops a complete range of products answering all the uses, of the initiation to race-racing.
Today, Exocet and XO Sails are positioned as some of the most innovative and fastest-growing brands in the industry,
offering a versatile range of windsurfing, sails, and stand-up paddling,
ranging from entry concepts. from proven range to ultra advanced racing machines.
Exocet and XO Sails serve more than 50 countries worldwide and the goal is to offer only the most advanced and reliable products at all levels.



The passion for windsurfing and the high standards that drive our R&D team are the key to the success of EXOCET and XO Sails.
Each of our lines of windsurf boards and sails is extensively tested on the water and adjusted to achieve the perfect shape. Designs ahead of their time combined with our exclusive EXOCET innovations such as DDSA (Double Density Shock Absorbers) or the Integrated Link Wheel (patented), as well as the recognized reliability of our manufacturing technologies constitute the “founding stones” of the growing success of EXOCET and XO Sails boards with windsurfers all over the world.