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Windsurf sails

Windsurfing Sails XO Sails for Slalom, Freeride, Wave, or Race

Since 2009, the windsurfing brand XO Sails has been developing windsurfing sails for all disciplines and for all levels, from beginners to experts, from amateurs to professionals. For wave windsurfing, a small reinforced sail without cambers is the preferred type of rigs. For the slalom and the race, a light sail of bigger surface, with camber is to choose. For freeride windsurfing, a sail without camber is preferred for easier outflows. Beginner windsurfer must choose small sails for maximum maneuverability on the water.

Windsurfing sails with cambers, no cambers, wide, rotating sleeves, whatever your discipline, freeride, freerace, wave, slalom, windfoil, raceboard, you will find in our range the material that suits you.

Need advice on choosing your windsurfing equipment?

Need advice on choosing your windsurfing equipment?