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The Skull is our radical 4 batten wave sail from the XO sails range.
With its 4-batten shape, the Skull is ultra-light in the arms and offers exceptional handling with perfect balance in the hands, even in the biggest gusts. It is a sail that will adapt to all conditions, from side-shore with powerful hollow waves to more imperfect on-shore conditions with less propulsive waves.

With a trough positioned in the front of the sail, it will deliver the power you need when you need it, but also cut it off in a fraction of a second.

With the use of Pentex at the head of the sail and work done on the outline and materials of the other panels, the Skull 2022 offers rock solid strength while bringing a gain in flexibility and range of use, with notably increased control in the high range of use.

Program :
// Radical Waves


Sizes (m2) Wishbone
Recommended Mast Battens Cambers Mast Head
3.4 136 341 RX80/340 4   Vario
3.7 144 353 RX80/340 4 - Vario
4.0 149 366 RX80/340 4 - Vario
4.2 155 370 RX80/370 4 - Fixed
4.5 160 383 RX80/370 4 - Fixed
4.7 166 390 RX80/370 4 - Fixed
5.0 169 403 RX80/400 4 - Fixed
5.3 174 418 RX100/400 4 - Fixed
5.6 176 432 RX100/430 4 - Fixed
// Wave sail offering moderate power, particularly suitable for radical wave to on-shore boards.
// A fully rigged sail for maximum resistance and intensive use.
// With exceptional manoeuvrability and perfect tolerance, the Skull excels in side-shore conditions.
// A low luff curve sail that requires little tension on the tack.
// Fully wefted.
// Mast pannel kevlar & Kevlar reinforcements.
// Kevlar tape to block the shape of the sail
// Tying strap
// PVC protection on headboard
// PVC protection on batten tips
// PVC anti abrasive protection
// Velcro fastener for easy access to the tack eyelet
// Passage of the watch puller in the sleeve
// Thermoformed mast protection
The Skull remains the perfect sail for side-shore conditions. We recommend the use of an 80% carbon mast for the lighter sizes. By using a 100% carbon mast, the sail becomes more powerful, making it perfect for heavier sizes or side/on-shore conditions.

With its reduced boom length, the Skull will allow you to lengthen your bottom-turn while maintaining perfect control of your board, even in the most difficult conditions.