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  1. The Skull is the radical wave sailing XO sails.

    4 battens shape, lightweight, ultra-manageable, ultra reinforced, it is able to accompany you in the most radical conditions without ever let go.

    The new grided material (Pentex) used at the head of the sail gives suppleness, and allows a weight gain of 15 to 20%, without loss of strength.

    • Radical wave
    • Wave sail with moderate power, suits any wave board and use in side to side on shore conditions
    • Full grid sail, Extremely durable even in intensive use
    • Moderate to powerfull power, depending on the mast (100% carbon mast delivers the most power)• Really easy to handle, this sail is ideal in side shore conditions
    • 4 battens sail
  2. Size (m2)Boom (cm)Luff (cm)Recommended mastBattensCambersTop
    3,3136 341 RX 80/340 Vario 
    3,7144353RX 80/3404-Vario
    4,0149366RX 80/340
    4,2155370RX 80/370 - RX 80/340
    4,5160383RX 80/3704-Fixe
    4,7166390RX 80/370
    5,0169403RX 80/400
    5,3174 418RX 100/400Fixe 
    5,7176432RX 100/4304-Fixe 
  3. • Kevlar mast panel to lock the shape
    • Strap tensioner on the outhaul
    • Head PVC protection
    • PVC batten end protector
    • PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
    • Velcro scratch on mast protector for easy access
    • Triple stainless steel down haul poolies
    • Thermoform mast protector
  4. • Full grid
    • Kevlar mast panel & reinforcement
  5. #TEAM ADVICE#The SKUL is an excellent side shore wave sail.

    The recommended mast for light sailors will be 80% carbon.

    With a 100% carbon you will get more leach tension and draft locked forward, in this option the sail will offer better planning ability and more control for heavier sailors.