Silver v7

Silver v7

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6.3 • 7.0 • 7.8


The Silver is our freerace sail of the range. For 2022, we have increased the luff roundand keep the 2 cambers as well as a moderately sized sleeve, while carrying out a specific work on the shape.
With its 6 battens, the Silver remains stable in all conditions while developing the power necessary for an early planning. With a constant tension on the rear hand, the Silver is quick and nonetheless remains particularly light and accessible, making her an ideal sail for long distances.
It’s also perfectly suited to riders who are sailing in slalom but are looking for a technically less sophisticated rig to adjust and operate than a pure slalom sail. Easy to rig and efficient even with an 80% Carbon mast, the Silver is also a benchmark sail in FFV competitions, as it enters in the RRD120 gauge for young U20.


Size (m2) Wishbone
Recommended Mast Battens Cambers Mast Header
6.3 198 448 SX80/430 7 2 Fixe
7.0 213 461 SX80/430 7 2 Fixe
7.8 219 480 SX80/460 7 2 Fixe
// Slalom and Freeride slalom sails for all types of wind.
// Powerful and pleasant in marginal conditions.
// Low luff curve, requiring little tension on the tack.
// Low luff curve increases compatibility with all types of masts.
// Monofilm sail body.
// Mast pannel kevlar & Kevlar reinforcement.
// Kevlar tape to block the shape of the sail.
// Tying strap.
// PVC protection on headboard.
// PVC protection on batten tips.
// PVC anti abrasive protection.
// Velcro fastener for easy access to the tack eyelet.
// Watch puller in the sleeve.
// Thermoformed mast protection
// 3x Teckcam
Silver sails are adaptable to both RDM and SDM masts, 80% or 100%.

Using a 100% carbon mast will bring more reactivity and will block more the hollow on the front part of the sail: it will then be tolerant with a gain of acceleration while keeping an excellent control, even in the maxis. By using an 80% carbon mast, the sail is more flexible: it is more comfortable on rough water and more forgiving for lighter sail sizes.