Windsurfer by Exocet

Pack Windsurfer Green Used

1,971.00 €
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Code : AR01343
Complete Windsurfer LT pack with used parts: 
Brand new boards and sails.
Used mast, boom, mastbase, 0cm base, uphaul.

The complete windsurfer Racing pack, to go sailing immediately without asking questions.

This is the pack consisting of the Windsurfer Racing model, the 5.7m2 Windsurfer sail, the Windsurfer Original mast and boom, as well as a mast foot, 0cm base and uphaul.
This pack allows you to participate in the official competitions of the international class Windsurfer.

Composition of the pack:

  • Windsurfer board, perfect for windsurfing and stand up paddle, for beginners as well as for experts.
Length: 366cm
Width: 74cm
Volume 227Litres.
ASA construction

Equipment provided:
85cm retractable fin
Powerbox 30cm fin (attachment without tools)

  • 5.7 m2 Windsurfer sail. In Mylar, 1 slat. Light and resistant. It is the ideal sail to fully enjoy the Windsurfer. Accessible to all, it performs well in light weather and offers incredible sensations in the breeze.
Mast: 460cm Constant curve
Wishbone: 220cm

  • Wishbone Windsurfer One Design
  • Windsurfer One Design Mast
  • SDM base 0cm
  • U-pin mast foot (Universal)
  • Uphaul