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  1. The Exocet Longboard range is ideal for those who want to navigate in conditions of waveriding lightwind or freemove in stronger winds. 

    Their Longboard-typed performance shapes are fast on the wave, ultra maneuverable, very responsive, while being accessible with an exceptional bar passage.

    • Ideal in ON SHORE to side shore conditions
    • Versatile boards in tri fins or single depending on sailing conditions.

    Exists in two models : 10'5 / 11'5

  2. • Quick on the plane in all conditions
    • Outstanding to cross over white water
    • High performance in light wind side shore
    • Versatile board, FREE move in single fin mode or pure wave in tri fin mode

    VolumeLengthWidthWeightFinsBoxSails range
    Longboard 10'5145 Litres320 cm65 cm10.5 kgs (+/- 6%)1x Exocet 23cm G10 +
    1x Exocet 32cm G10 +
    2x Exocet 11cm G10 +
    2x Slot box cover
    US box + Slot Box
    4.0 - 7.5 m2
    Longboard 11'5175 Litres348 cm70 cm11.8 kgs (+/- 6%)1x Exocet 23cm G10 +
    1x Exocet G10 32cm G10 +
    2x Exocet 11cm G10 +
    US box + Slot Box
    4.0 - 7.5 m2
    2x Slot box cover

  3. • Equiped with 2 FCS fins (twin fins) and 1 medium center G10 CNC fin in tri fin mode
    • Equiped with 1 large center fin in single fin mode• DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
    • 4 footstraps
    • Equiped with 1 center fin and 2 cover box in single fin mode and 2 G10 CNC fins (twin fins) in tri fin configuration
    • DDSA (Double density Shock Aborbers)
  4. • Moulded semi-custom
    • Custom finish
    • CNC shape EPS
    • Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 100 kg/m3 PVC deck and bottom, multiple structural re-inforcement on the rail
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