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5.7 • 6.3 • 7.0 • 7.8 • 8.4


We are now at the 7th version of our racing machine: the new XO Sails Gold is definitely the ultimate weapon to be at the front of the pack in slalom races and long distance windsurfing.
We have once again made no concessions on the design of our racing sail: offering the best possible performance whatever the conditions remains our leitmotif.
We have therefore decided to use a new weft material, Pentex, on this new version. Used on the sleeve, it gives back flexibility to the sail while allowing a weight gain of 15 to 20% without sacrificing the solidity.

With specific work done on the shape of the sail (refined batten outlets, reworked head opening, positioning of the hollow...), the Gold v7 is a sail that develops power to provide a great start to the planning, and frank accelerations.

Fast and with an incredible hold in the maxis, it will bring you all the resources necessary to replace you and overtake your competitors.

It is a sail without concession which has only one objective: to lead you to victory!


Size (m2) Wishbone
Recommended Mast Compatible Mast Battens Cambers Mast Head
5.7 187 418 SX100/400 RX100/400 + RX80/400 7 4 Fixed
6.3 197 435 SX100/430 SX80/430 + RX80/430 7 4 Fixed
7.0 211 451 SX100/430 SX80/430 8 4 Fixed
7.8 224 482 SX100/460 SX80/460 8 4 Fixed
8.4 228 503 SX100/490 SX80/490 8 4 Fixed
// R&D in France.
// Pure racing sail.
// Acceleration and top speed.
// Enlarged sleeve.
// Refined shape, repositioned hollow.
// Low luff curve, requiring little tension on the tack.
// Constant luff curve, increases compatibility with a wide range of mast types.
// Carbon and fiberglass battens for increased control.
// Thermoformed PVC protection with kevlar patch on the mast header.
// PVC protection on the end of the slats.
// Anti-abrasive PVC protection.
// Thermoformed mast protector with pocket for extension rod.
// 4x Tekcam
// Tying Key
// Tying Strap
Gold sails are adaptable to 80% and 100% carbon Constant Curve masts from 4.9 to 8.4m2.
An 80% carbon mast will bring more flexibility in sailing, very often more adapted for the sizes lower than 80kgs, while a 100% will give rigidity and nervousness, and will be more adapted for the sizes higher than 80kgs.

From 4.9 to 6.3 XO Sails Gold are compatible with RDM masts. An RDM mast will bring softness to the rig, making it more comfortable and tolerant for lighter weights.
The XO Sails Gold are aimed at riders from advanced to expert who are looking for maximum performance and feel at low and high speeds.
They are uncompromising sails with performance pushed to the maximum, while keeping the Exocet DNA.