Gold Foil

Gold Foil

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  1. Course Racing and slalom Foil Windsurf Sail. 

    The new XO Sails Gold Foil has been developed to bring the best performance in Slalom Racing Foil.

    Powerful, it brings the resource to all paces and particularly up close or downwind.

    With its slender profile, it offers minimum drag and great flight stability for optimum performance.

    • Slalom, Slalom Racing & Foil
    • Pure racing sails
    • Acceleration and top speed
    • Low luft curve allowing fairly low tension on the downhaul
    • Lower luft curve allows a wide compatibility to all kind of mast
    • Carbon tubes and/or Fiber glass => increase control

  2. Size (m2)Boom (cm)Luff (cm)Recommended mastBattensCambersTop
    6,0169462SX 100/46074Fixed
    7,0182496SX 100/490
    8,0198524SX 100/520
    9,0202571SX 100/550
    SX 100/580
  3. • Kevlar mast pannel to lock the shape
    • Kevlar batten pocket to increase shape control
    • Strap tensioner on the outhaul
    • Head PVC protection
    • PVC batten end protector
    • PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
    • Velcro scratch on mast protector for easy access
    • Triple stainless steel down haul poolies
    • 4 x Tekcams
  4. • Monofilm sail
    • Kevlar mast panel & reinforcement

    The Gold Foil were designed on SDM masts for better control and more speed. Falling tension is limited because the Gold Foil has been designed to keep a lot of shape at the top of the sail to improve control, take-off and slip in the light wind.

    The short boom offers less drag while the large trough makes the sail very powerful upwind and downwind in all conditions.