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  1. Slalom Race Windsurf Sail. 

    The new XO Sails Gold is the racing machine of the XO-Sails range.

    No concessions were made on the design, the only goal was to offer the best performance possible in all conditions.

    Powerful, fast, with incredible hold, the Gold brings the resource in all circumstances to replace and overcome his opponents!

    A sail without concessions, just to be first on the finish line.

    • Slalom, Slalom Racing, Formula & Foil
    • Acceleration and top speed
    • Low luft curve allowing fairly low tension on the downhaul
    • Lower luft curve allows a wide compatibility to all kind of mast
    • Carbon tubes and/or Fiber glass => increase control

  2. Size (m2)Boom (cm)Luff (cm)MRecommended MastBattensCambersTop
    4,9172389RX 100/37074Fixed
    5,3182401RX 100/400
    5,7187412RX 100/400
    6,3197433RX 100/430
    7,0211448SX 100/430
    7,8224478SX 100/460
    8,4231498SX 100/490
    9,0241 516 SX 100/520Fixed 
  3. • Kevlar mast panel to lock the shape
    • Kevlar batten pocket to increase shape control
    • Strap tensioner on the outhaul
    • Head PVC protection
    • PVC batten end protector
    • PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
    • Velcro scratch on mast protector for easy access
    • Triple stainless steel down haul poolies
    • Thermoform mast protector
    • 4 x Teckcam

  4. • Monofilm sail
    • Kevlar mast panel & reinforcement

    Gold sails are adaptable on 80% and 100% carbon masts from 4.9 to 9.0 sqm.

    An 80% carbon mast will bring more flexibility in navigation, very often more suitable for riders smaller than 80kg, while a 100% will give rigidity and nervousness, more suitable for riders over 80kgs.

    From 4.9 to 7.8, they cont compatible RDM. An RDM mast will bring some softness to the rig, making it more comfortable for lightweight ruders.