Foil Fusion

Foil Fusion

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    The Fusion Exocet range of foils is entirely dedicated to an accessible freeride practice, whether in Windfoil or Wing foil. 

    Developed to perform with freeride oriented boards, and sails without cambering below 7m2, the Fusion foil is perfect for learning about windfoil or for those who want to sail lightly.
    Equipped with the Fusion 950 front wing, this foil is not only easy to take off and stable, it also has the ability to reach speeds in excess of 26 knots.
    A light combo for a quick take-off and a flight with ease and safety, but which does not forget to be efficient. 

    -Powerful and fast
    -Early take-off, ability to low-speed flight.
    -Large use range thanks to the adjustable stabilizer
    -100% compatible with the Exocet 2021 foil accessories range. 


    Freeride - Freemove Foil 

    Lightwind and no-cam sails sailing 


  2. Delivered with : Transport bag and tools.

    Construction : High quality aluminium mast and fuselage, Carbon front wings and stabilizer, Stainless steel inserts and screws.




    Front wing



    Ideal Board

    Ideal Sail


    85 cm

    F-75 Aluminium

    Fusion 950 Carbon

    BackWing 280 Carbon

    Deep Tuttle
    Power Box (Opt°)
    Plate US Box (Opt°)

    Freefoil 112
    Freefoil 132




    The 65cm fuselage brings you a lot of responsiveness and maneuverability for use in Wingfoil or Surf foil. 

    If you are looking for more longitunal stability to start, or simply practice the wingfoil with rear box floats (windsurf type), you can use the Exocet 75 or 95cm fuselage which will both restore stability and advance the center of thrust of the wing (and therefore compensate for the rear case).