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New Exocet Freefoil

New Exocet Freefoil

Freefoil news has arrived. The new range of Exocet Original foil freeride boards, fly over the water!

The Freefoil have benefited from all the experience gained with the RF foil, refined by a big development work to achieve the desired result: Windfoil boards to take off immediately, very easy to access, players, very comfortable in a maximum of conditions and incredible versatility.

The large volume on the nose associated with the short length and the remote box makes it possible to pitch up the foil for an immediate décolage.

The highly worked bridge shape under the feet increases the control, without denying comfort.

The rails a little less reentrant on the front than on the RF foils still allow not to be braked in case of "touch", but allow an easier start.

The spatula and the volume of the nose allow to be serene at the stop as the transfer or in case of "touch ".

The Freefoil are ideal for riders wanting to sail with powerful freeride foils and camber-free sails, for manageable and lightweight navigation. Their versatility also allows them to be perfect for the rider who likes to sail in freerace type, to go fast on the edges of cross / near / small drop.

The Freefoil exist in two constructions AST and Carbon.

To discover here:

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