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SL Foil development

SL Foil development

The engine of Exocet have always been the search for performance, the exporation of new concepts, innovation, for one purpose, to bring the best products to our customers.

The arrival of Windfoil in windsurfing in recent years has been a great motivation to explore all possible routes.

If it is true that the discipline is young, some orientations begin to emerge:

-The race racing, with ultra powerful foils, designed to go upwind and downwind, unmanageable through when you want to accelerate, which require boards and rigs ultra powerful (large sizes). A discipline for competitors.

-The freeride, with foils much more accessible and versatile, very buoyant, to use preferably with light sails of small sizes and compact boards. A fun discipline for everyone, but limited as soon as we start fudging.

There is a third way, which in our opinion concerns the majority of practitioners in the future. On our home spot (Brest), we found that as soon as the practitioners have a certain level, they try to measure themselves on crooked gaits, small drop, as in classic slalom.

It's part of our DNA, it's a way we like, and we tried to push the concept with a dedicated Slalom-Foil board.

A small float, 195cm long, 70cm wide, for 135 liters, with a bridge shape and a specific volume distribution.

The tests were both confusing (float size, bridge shape ...), and very encouraging. With a suitable foil and rigging (not too powerful wings, small slalom sail ...), the board proved very quick to take off, comfortable and very efficient across the board despite its small size, incredible ease in jibe ...

The concept has not come to fruition yet, but has allowed us to understand many new things in Foil, with technical choices that you will find soon on the new Foil Exocet boards.

The development continues ...

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