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The new Xwave have been strongly boosted with many different upgraded features such as improved technology and lay up, centre fin boxes move forward toward the nose for a better control and manoeuvrability and certainly unique on the market 2 different set of fins to fit all conditions, the single fins options equipped with cover side boxes fits perfectly on shore and bump & jump sailing while the tri fins equiped with CNC fins and slot box will boost the Xwave in all side shore to side off shore sailing.

  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • E.U.R: Exocet Unique Ride
  • QC: Quality Construction
  • D.S: Double Sandwich construction including new generation biaxial fiber glass
  • New Footstraps, super comfortable and easy to adjust

CONSTRUCTION//Custom Made Biax Carbon + Biax Glass

  • Board informations PDF
Model XWave 71 Tri Fin XWave 81 Tri Fin XWave 91 Tri Fin
Volume 71 litres 81 litres 91 litres
Length 230 cm 230 cm 230 cm
Width 53.5 cm 56.5 cm 59.5 cm
Weight 6.4 kg (+/-6%) 6.8 kg (+/-6%) 7.1 kg (+/-6%)
Fin 1xExocet 19cm US G10 +
2xExocet 11cm Mini Tuttle
1xExocet 21cm US G10 +
2xExocet 11cm Mini Tuttle
1xExocet 23cm US G10 +
2xExocet 11cm Mini Tuttle
Sail size 3.2 – 5.4 m2 3.7 – 5.9 m2 4.0 – 6.2 m2
Model XWave 101 Tri Fin XWave 111 Tri Fin XWAVE 129 Tri Fin
Volume 101 litres 111 litres 129 litres
Length 235 cm 235 cm 269 cm
Width 62 cm 65 cm 65 cm
Weight 7.2 kg (+/-6%) 7.3 kg (+/-6%) 9.0 kg (+/-6%)
Fin 1xExocet 25cm Power G10 +
2xExocet 11cm Mini Tuttle
1xExocet 26cm Power G10 +
2xExocet 11cm Mini Tuttle
1xExocet 26cm US G10 + 2xCover box
1xExocet 20.5cm US G10 + 2xExocet 10cm G10 Slot box
Sail size 4.2 – 6.8 m2 4.7 – 7.2 m2 4.7 – 7.2 m2
As an evolution of its successful predecessor this new generation of the SHARK line has been fine tuned to excel in all conditions.
The new SKULL is all new for 2013, providing superb build quality and offered with 4 battens.
The FUSION remains a 3 batten wave sail, and is ideal for longboard wave riding or Wind-SUP (Windsurfing or a SUP).