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The new RS 2,3 & 4 are an evolution with improved performances compared with the previous version, Our goal has been to achieve a design combining easy access and increased performance at all level.
To do so we have been working on the bottom shape and included several recess feature in the tail, The new RS are planning fast and are really precised in the jibe as the previous models were, a big improvement on the acceleration and top speed yet with perfect control, the new boards are ridding higher on the fin and easier to handle in rough condition.
With certainly one of the most achieved slalom design released by EXOCET, those will be truly top class in its category.

  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • Carbon Construction: light and stiff for earlier planning and acceleration.
  • Unfinished paint: no extra weight.
  • Custom Made Biax Carbon
Model RS 2 RS 3 RS 4 RS 6 RS 8
Volume 91 litres 100 litres 111 litres 140 litres 210 litres
Length 235 cm 235 cm 235 cm 235 cm 260 cm
Width 59 cm 64 cm 69 cm 82 cm 90 cm
Weight 5.5 kg (+/-6%) 6.1 kg (+/-6%) 6.3 kg (+/-6%) 8.0 kg (+/-6%) 9.0 kg (+/-6%)
Fin Tuttle box Tuttle box Tuttle box Deep Tuttle box Deep Tuttle box
Recommended Fin Size 31 – 33 cm 34 – 36 cm 37 – 40 cm 46 – 48 cm 48 – 55 cm
Sail size 5.0 – 7.2 m2 5.5 – 8.4 m2 5.8 – 9.0 m2 7.0 – 10.0 m2 8.4 – 11.8 m2
  • Board informations PDF
The GOLD line is our high performance racing line, with amazing test feedback. Pair up the RS and GOLD lines and see how you look on the podium.
This second generation of the SILVER line has been given a lot of attention, with several improvements; lighter and softer, they have gained in all areas.
Specifically designed for the Raceboard class, the RB’s 9.5 and 8.5 are dedicated race board sails, distinctly recognized by its exclusive look.